TVC Cung Dinh Cajeput Oil

TVC Advertising Cung Dinh Baby Bath Oil is shown by actress models Huong Lan and Be Dong suitable for the audience using the product. The script content was built by Ekip ButVangCorp based on the experience of taking care of children in the family and the mother’s anxiety when her child has a cough, cold and flu, and Cung Dinh Baby Bath Oil is the savior of the mothers. milk today. The video has impressed with the image of the beautiful baby and the mother’s thoughtful care, and the indispensable product that is always beside and accompanies the child to grow up is Cung Dinh Baby Bath Oil. Combined with 3D effect

Category: Projects
Author: ButVangCorp
Client: Cung Dinh Cajeput Oil
Date: 11/2020