Dai Thanh Seafoods

Dai Thanh Seafoods was established in 2007 (DATHACO) – one of leaders of farming, processing and exporting Pangasius (Basa or Dory Cream) fish products. The company is located on Mekong River Delta, South of Vietnam where more than 90% of Pangasius fish farmed and produced to serve all over the world.

ButVangCorp is very honored to accompany Dai Thanh Seafoods on the path of affirming its brand through each stage of development. Event moments, new projects of the company are recorded by ButVangCorp into professional and creative videos to help promote the company’s brand, contributing to high results in business development.

Category: Projects
Author: ButVangCorp
Client: Dai Thanh Seafoods
Date: 06/2019