CNG Viet Nam

CNG Vietnam Joint Stock Company is a corporation specializing in the production, transportation and distribution of compressed natural gas with the following main areas of activity:
– Producing, transporting and distributing compressed natural gas products (Compressed Natural Gas – CNG) to supply factories with heat energy in the production and processing process; serves for apartment buildings and is used as an alternative fuel for petroleum in the transportation industry.
– Providing services of renovation, maintenance, repair and installation of conversion equipment for vehicles, machinery and equipment using CNG, LNG and LPG.
– Providing construction, installation, maintenance and repair services for gas works.

CNG Vietnam creates safe and effective solutions from clean fuel sources, bringing sustainable values to customers, shareholders, employees and society.
ButVangCorp is honored to accompany CNG Vietnam on the way to affirm its brand in the Vietnamese and international markets. We have produced the promotional Viral Video for CNG Vietnam as a brand communication tool. After a month of perfecting from the concept to the script details, ButVangCorp meticulously cares for each frame, the satisfaction of CNG Vietnam’s customers is a great happiness and encouragement for the team’s enthusiasm ButVangCorp.

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Category: Projects
Author: ButVangCorp
Client: CNG Vietnam Joint Stock Company
Date: 06/2019