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Media Booking Advertising

At ButVangCorp with more than 14 years of experience in the advertising industry. We are confident in bringing valuable experiences in the field of media advertising to help achieve the highest and most optimal results for our business clients. We are a strategic partner of radio, television and newspaper companies across the country.

ButVangCorp is a reliable and trustworthy choice for businesses. Media booking advertising is carefully carried out and researched by the marketing departments of the companies. Forms of advertising such as placing advertisements, promoting services through various media such as television, radio, newspapers, online news websites or social media to allow users to know about the company’s products and services.

The forms of media booking advertising ButVangCorp is implementing for customers include:

Television advertising booking

Media Booking Advertising

Television advertising is an effective advertising form that intersperses between various television programs such as movies, current affairs, etc. If you are looking for a specialized television advertising booking agency, don’t miss out on ButVangCorp. With over 14 years in the field of advertising booking and collaborating with thousands of businesses, ButVangCorp is a leader and confident in bringing value and benefits to customers when working with us.

Advertisement on television is also diverse in forms such as:

  • 10s, 15s, 20s, 30s TVC advertisement
  • Documentaries, corporate films, news events
  • Ad video trailers
  • Running logo corner, popup, text, stage logo, rotating logo/program, announcements, etc.
  • The cost of booking will also depend on the broadcasting time slot and the number of times the advertisement appears to determine the cost.

Booking news advertisements.

Media Booking Advertising

Booking news advertisements are divided into two types: print and electronic media.

Nowadays, print media still have customers in areas where people are looking for jobs, recruitment, or real estate projects. Compared to print media, electronic media are more widely used by businesses. Usually in the media, only Booking PR advertisements are mentioned, but in reality, there are many other forms of booking such as:

  • Booking PR advertisements (regular PR introduction, in-depth PR, reviews, etc.)
  • Booking posters, banners, logos advertisements
  • Video advertisement booking (only appearing in electronic media)
  • Booking in the form of infographics, long form, images, etc.

Booking Radio and VOV advertisements.

Media Booking Advertising

Radio advertising is a strength at ButVangCorp. The reason is that we have a team of support to make a free plan and the highest discount at advertising stations.

It is a form of advertisement that mentions products or services through a voice from a pre-constructed script. If you are looking for a business agency specializing in multi-channel advertising booking. Come to ButVangCorp, where we have a team of experienced and professional support, who will help you create the best advertising plan.