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Develop Strategic Marketing Plan

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Develop Strategic Marketing Plan

Building a master real estate advertising plan is an important thing that investors must do first. A complete plan covers the development stages and work-in-progress content of each phase.

This job requires expertise and many strategies, so when implementing them, they may encounter some difficulties that cannot be solved; or, if possible, there will be many problems that take a long time and cost to handle. In particular, the biggest obstacle if not building a real estate advertising plan is the unclear strategic direction, and it will be more difficult to find customers.

Why Should We Develop a Real Estate Advertising Plan?

Develop Strategic Marketing Plan

Enterprises need to develop real estate advertising plans for both the company and for each project in order to:

  • Orientation to develop in the future as well as take advantage of existing resources and prepare new resources.
  • Outline the shortest way to win customers and sell products
  • The more detailed the plan will help businesses overcome market fluctuations safely and reduce losses to a minimum.
  • Without a detailed execution plan, you will waste time and money investing in communication but ineffective; advertising spam, violating policies and underestimated; Unfair competition among employees because of unclear goals; slow progress, reduce revenue.


The real estate marketing and business process consists of 3 phases:



  • Introduce the project to the market
  • Capture the interest of target customers
  • Recognize market and customer feedback

Marketing activities

  • Prepare marketing kits: leaflets, posters, standees, sales films, PR content, ..
  • Advertising: TVC, trailer, …
  • PR: Focusing on content related to the market, the segment being invested.
  • Online marketing: post pictures, videos, … on Google ads, Facebook ads, …


Develop Strategic Marketing Plan


  • Building the image of the project and the investor’s brand
  • Make an Impact on investment, attract more target customers.
  • Analyzing and exploiting customer information
  • Increase business activities
  • Marketing activities

Call to action through media messages

  • Organize regular sales events
  • Advertising: increasing the frequency of advertising on all communication channels
  • Direct marketing, sales consulting.
  • Post PR on reputable newspapers, support online marketing and trade marketing channel
  • Organize offline with advice and policy support for customers.


Develop Strategic Marketing Plan


  • Maintain and remind customers about the project
  • Increasing connection and interaction with customers
  • Create a network to share information from customers with friends and relatives about projects they have purchased

Marketing activities

  • Strengthen brand and project PR activities
  • Positive communication of successful deals
  • Update the project situation after the sale
  • Build community channels for customers

Adbatdongsan: Provide Total Communication Solutions

Building a master real estate advertising plan is an important thing that investors must do first.

Professional real estate advertising plan

  • Digital Marketing (Google, Facebook, Youtube, Zalo, Skype, Email, …)
  • Traditional Marketing
  • Communication plan, brand PR

Build up 360 images of real estate projects

  • 3D film making, TVC advertising, self-introduction movie project
  • Filming, photographing projects according to progress
  • Create ideas, script and perform filming and photography

Booking real estate ads quickly

  • Posting – Writing real estate PR articles in the press
  • Booking TV advertising
  • Booking of radio ads
  • Booking electronic newspaper advertising – paper newspaper
  • Booking LCD advertising – Frame
  • Booking advertising Billboard
  • Booking advertising Taxi – Bus

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