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Recording – Radio Advertising

Thu Âm - Quảng Cáo Trên Radio

We Provide Radio Advertising Services:

Recording – Dubbing: Providing all the best powerful golden voices with reasonable prices to serve all the needs of customers. The Recording Service ensures the best sound quality and consistency between content and recording.


Voiceover/Subtitles: Recording Service provides the most prestigious and quality audio.Whatever your requirements are, we can always exceed expectations.

You are in need of recording for commercials, advertising for radio but do not have a recording content script. Don’t worry! Let’s contact our Recording – Dubbing Service. We will help you complete the package from producing radio scripts to recording and post-production for client to use and play advertising on the radio.

Customers visit the Recording Studio
Thu âm Lồng Tiếng
phòng thu âm chuyên nghiệp
MC Voice Talent
dịch vụ thâm âm quảng cáo

Thu Âm - Quảng Cáo Trên Radio

Steps to perform Radio Production:

Step 1: Customer consultation – Get product information from customers.

Step 2: Come up with an idea of ​​an ad dialogue script to send to customers for approval.

Step 3: The customer chooses the recorded voice.

Step 4: Proceed to record the script.

Step 5: Post-production File Radio .

Step 6: Send the customer to browse the Radio File for the 1st time

Step 7: Deliver the final version to the customer

Radio Advertising Booking Service

“Let’s people hear about your brand”

Although Television, Digital, Internet marketing are predominating, the radio with its own value still plays a special role for listeners.

Radio advertising booking service  always dominates in delivering the fastest, most timely news, with high spread.

Advantages of Radio Advertising Booking Service

Radio is music

  Radio is accessible and portable

  Radio has its own language

  Radio is inexpensive

  Radio evokes emotions

Radio does the job of educational information

Radio is selective

✅ Radio has immediacy

We always try to be a bridge between businesses and broadcasters.

We help businesses advertise on radio channels, VOV traffic, VOH, province radio, etc with beautiful time frames; high advertising efficiency.

CWe provide full-package production of audio file including: script, MC, studio, music mixing, etc. with a preferential cost.