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Providing Solutions for Building Brand Identity Design

ButVangCorp is a professional brand identity design company in Vietnam, known for its creative, impressive and professional branding design services. 100% trusted and satisfied by customers. The purpose of the creative and professional brand identity design is to promote the brand widely, quickly and effectively as part of a company’s communication strategy.

The brand identity system is a practical application system that is designed to be coherent with each other, from brand images, recognition signals, and colors, with the aim of building a professional brand image in the eyes of customers. This supports marketing campaigns and reinforces purchasing decisions or use of services. ButVangCorp provides comprehensive brand identity design solutions including:


  1. Core recognition: brand name, logo, slogan, brand guidelines
  2. Office stationery: business card, letterhead, envelopes, file folders, invoices, email signatures, PPT templates, document bags, presentation covers.

Providing Solutions for Building Brand Identity Design


  1. Brand space: recognition decor of interior and exterior furnishings, greeting backdrops – paintings, posters, welcome signs, waving signs, department signs, directional signs.
  2. Environmental graphics: Sign board – Poster – Advertising pano – Transport means – Construction means – Company signage – Branch…

Providing Solutions for Building Brand Identity Design


  1. Advertising publication: Profile, capabilities profile, brochure, catalogue, sales kit, flyers, foldable flyers
  2. Online branding: Website, landing page, microsite, banner ads, fanpage management (Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok), Google Ads advertising, Facebook advertising…

Providing Solutions for Building Brand Identity Design


  1. Product packaging: Product logo, label packaging, product landing page, product introduction flyers
  2. Sales point branding: Product display shelves, product introduction booth, sales uniforms, product introduction standee, banners, posters, customer gifts…

Providing Solutions for Building Brand Identity Design


By listening, understanding and grasping the values of the Brand, combined with the desired customer messages to convey, we research to provide the most optimal directions.

Providing Solutions for Building Brand Identity Design


✅ Researching and evaluating the Brand, analyzing the competitive market.

✅ Differentiation strategy consulting – Brand positioning consulting – Consulting by experienced experts.

✅ Compiling and summarizing content, unlimited Brand recognition design images.

✅ Implementation team: 5-7 people (consulting team, design team, Content team, marketing team).

✅ Full handover of Brand Management Handbook during implementation time.

✅ Advising on specifications, materials, printing services and refining according to requirements.

✅ Design script draft – Sent to the customer.

✅ Design implementation…

Providing Solutions for Building Brand Identity Design


Project Profile DIC: Details

Project Profile Ario Park View: Details

Project Profile Seafood Da Nang: Details

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3D Real Estate Environment Filming Service

3D environment filming brings maximum effect to project sales. This is always an effective way to impress the public. So what is 3D filming and why should investors choose this means of communication to introduce their projects and brands?

10 years ago, the explosion of graphics technology brought people a big step forward in many fields. The real estate marketing industry should be mentioned. Instead of cumbersome architectural design models, we now fully use 3D technology to showcase the environment of real estate projects. It can be said that the 3D real estate environment filming service has opened a new marketing trend for the real estate industry.

3D Real Estate Environment Filming Service

What is 3D Real Estate Environment Filming?

3D real estate environment filming, also known as architectural animation, is expressed in a diverse and rich way through various types of images such as: overall environment, close-up, and details of the interior and exterior of the project. Based on the 3D environment film, investors and architects can discuss and come up with color and light combination ideas. Changes can be made to detailed designs from the inside to the outside without having to spend any money to destroy anything.

The environment filming process, making 3D films, and compositing techniques can be considered as a complex and high-tech production process. The quality of the final product depends on many factors, including the experience and technical level of the filmmaker, the quality of equipment and software used, as well as the creativity of the filmmaker in presenting the project in the most attractive way.

Why Should Investors Make Real Estate 3D Animated Films?

3D real estate applications help reach potential customers accurately: Detailed images of the project description help you reach your target customers and persuade them to buy.

It is a powerful marketing tool: The purpose of Marketing is to spread the brand closer to customers, find customers and stimulate their purchase needs. Traditional Marketing methods such as billboards, Facebook, Youtube, Zalo are now facing many limitations, and real estate 3D is a powerful marketing tool that automatically leads customers to you.

Saves time and costs: One problem that many investors do not know is that 3D real estate applications save much more costs because the 3D model integrated into the website has long-term value and does not generate maintenance costs. In addition, it also saves time for pick up and guidance to the site, which benefits both parties.

Investors will get bigger projects in the future: When the 3D real estate project is successfully completed and creates a good impression on the public, this is a major factor in increasing the credibility of investors, allowing them to capture more and higher-end projects in the future.

3D Real Estate Film Making Service at ButVangCorp

3D Real Estate Environment Filming Service

ButVangCorp provides comprehensive Real Estate Marketing services. If you use our services, you will receive: Free consultation for organizing any event.

  • A clear and detailed plan for organizing the event from A to Z
  • Creative and attractive ideas and concepts
  • Appropriate script and MC for each event
  • Organization and monitoring of the event’s progress
  • Optimal cost management

The 3D real estate film making service is always an effective way to convey the project message, and customers can best perceive all features of the apartment, condominium, clearly and realistically.
Our 3D real estate film projects carried out: In detail

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Media Booking Advertising

At ButVangCorp with more than 14 years of experience in the advertising industry. We are confident in bringing valuable experiences in the field of media advertising to help achieve the highest and most optimal results for our business clients. We are a strategic partner of radio, television and newspaper companies across the country.

ButVangCorp is a reliable and trustworthy choice for businesses. Media booking advertising is carefully carried out and researched by the marketing departments of the companies. Forms of advertising such as placing advertisements, promoting services through various media such as television, radio, newspapers, online news websites or social media to allow users to know about the company’s products and services.

The forms of media booking advertising ButVangCorp is implementing for customers include:

Television advertising booking

Media Booking Advertising

Television advertising is an effective advertising form that intersperses between various television programs such as movies, current affairs, etc. If you are looking for a specialized television advertising booking agency, don’t miss out on ButVangCorp. With over 14 years in the field of advertising booking and collaborating with thousands of businesses, ButVangCorp is a leader and confident in bringing value and benefits to customers when working with us.

Advertisement on television is also diverse in forms such as:

  • 10s, 15s, 20s, 30s TVC advertisement
  • Documentaries, corporate films, news events
  • Ad video trailers
  • Running logo corner, popup, text, stage logo, rotating logo/program, announcements, etc.
  • The cost of booking will also depend on the broadcasting time slot and the number of times the advertisement appears to determine the cost.

Booking news advertisements.

Media Booking Advertising

Booking news advertisements are divided into two types: print and electronic media.

Nowadays, print media still have customers in areas where people are looking for jobs, recruitment, or real estate projects. Compared to print media, electronic media are more widely used by businesses. Usually in the media, only Booking PR advertisements are mentioned, but in reality, there are many other forms of booking such as:

  • Booking PR advertisements (regular PR introduction, in-depth PR, reviews, etc.)
  • Booking posters, banners, logos advertisements
  • Video advertisement booking (only appearing in electronic media)
  • Booking in the form of infographics, long form, images, etc.

Booking Radio and VOV advertisements.

Media Booking Advertising

Radio advertising is a strength at ButVangCorp. The reason is that we have a team of support to make a free plan and the highest discount at advertising stations.

It is a form of advertisement that mentions products or services through a voice from a pre-constructed script. If you are looking for a business agency specializing in multi-channel advertising booking. Come to ButVangCorp, where we have a team of experienced and professional support, who will help you create the best advertising plan.

News Service

Develop Strategic Marketing Plan

Building a master real estate advertising plan is an important thing that investors must do first. A complete plan covers the development stages and work-in-progress content of each phase.

This job requires expertise and many strategies, so when implementing them, they may encounter some difficulties that cannot be solved; or, if possible, there will be many problems that take a long time and cost to handle. In particular, the biggest obstacle if not building a real estate advertising plan is the unclear strategic direction, and it will be more difficult to find customers.

Why Should We Develop a Real Estate Advertising Plan?

Develop Strategic Marketing Plan

Enterprises need to develop real estate advertising plans for both the company and for each project in order to:

  • Orientation to develop in the future as well as take advantage of existing resources and prepare new resources.
  • Outline the shortest way to win customers and sell products
  • The more detailed the plan will help businesses overcome market fluctuations safely and reduce losses to a minimum.
  • Without a detailed execution plan, you will waste time and money investing in communication but ineffective; advertising spam, violating policies and underestimated; Unfair competition among employees because of unclear goals; slow progress, reduce revenue.


The real estate marketing and business process consists of 3 phases:



  • Introduce the project to the market
  • Capture the interest of target customers
  • Recognize market and customer feedback

Marketing activities

  • Prepare marketing kits: leaflets, posters, standees, sales films, PR content, ..
  • Advertising: TVC, trailer, …
  • PR: Focusing on content related to the market, the segment being invested.
  • Online marketing: post pictures, videos, … on Google ads, Facebook ads, …


Develop Strategic Marketing Plan


  • Building the image of the project and the investor’s brand
  • Make an Impact on investment, attract more target customers.
  • Analyzing and exploiting customer information
  • Increase business activities
  • Marketing activities

Call to action through media messages

  • Organize regular sales events
  • Advertising: increasing the frequency of advertising on all communication channels
  • Direct marketing, sales consulting.
  • Post PR on reputable newspapers, support online marketing and trade marketing channel
  • Organize offline with advice and policy support for customers.


Develop Strategic Marketing Plan


  • Maintain and remind customers about the project
  • Increasing connection and interaction with customers
  • Create a network to share information from customers with friends and relatives about projects they have purchased

Marketing activities

  • Strengthen brand and project PR activities
  • Positive communication of successful deals
  • Update the project situation after the sale
  • Build community channels for customers

Adbatdongsan: Provide Total Communication Solutions

Building a master real estate advertising plan is an important thing that investors must do first.

Professional real estate advertising plan

  • Digital Marketing (Google, Facebook, Youtube, Zalo, Skype, Email, …)
  • Traditional Marketing
  • Communication plan, brand PR

Build up 360 images of real estate projects

  • 3D film making, TVC advertising, self-introduction movie project
  • Filming, photographing projects according to progress
  • Create ideas, script and perform filming and photography

Booking real estate ads quickly

  • Posting – Writing real estate PR articles in the press
  • Booking TV advertising
  • Booking of radio ads
  • Booking electronic newspaper advertising – paper newspaper
  • Booking LCD advertising – Frame
  • Booking advertising Billboard
  • Booking advertising Taxi – Bus

Contact us immediately if you need to develop a professional and reputable real estate advertising plan for your project!

radio moi
News Service

Recording – Radio Advertising

Thu Âm - Quảng Cáo Trên Radio

We Provide Radio Advertising Services:

Recording – Dubbing: Providing all the best powerful golden voices with reasonable prices to serve all the needs of customers. The Recording Service ensures the best sound quality and consistency between content and recording.


Voiceover/Subtitles: Recording Service provides the most prestigious and quality audio.Whatever your requirements are, we can always exceed expectations.

You are in need of recording for commercials, advertising for radio but do not have a recording content script. Don’t worry! Let’s contact our Recording – Dubbing Service. We will help you complete the package from producing radio scripts to recording and post-production for client to use and play advertising on the radio.

Customers visit the Recording Studio
Thu âm Lồng Tiếng
phòng thu âm chuyên nghiệp
MC Voice Talent
dịch vụ thâm âm quảng cáo

Thu Âm - Quảng Cáo Trên Radio

Steps to perform Radio Production:

Step 1: Customer consultation – Get product information from customers.

Step 2: Come up with an idea of ​​an ad dialogue script to send to customers for approval.

Step 3: The customer chooses the recorded voice.

Step 4: Proceed to record the script.

Step 5: Post-production File Radio .

Step 6: Send the customer to browse the Radio File for the 1st time

Step 7: Deliver the final version to the customer

Radio Advertising Booking Service

“Let’s people hear about your brand”

Although Television, Digital, Internet marketing are predominating, the radio with its own value still plays a special role for listeners.

Radio advertising booking service  always dominates in delivering the fastest, most timely news, with high spread.

Advantages of Radio Advertising Booking Service

Radio is music

  Radio is accessible and portable

  Radio has its own language

  Radio is inexpensive

  Radio evokes emotions

Radio does the job of educational information

Radio is selective

✅ Radio has immediacy

We always try to be a bridge between businesses and broadcasters.

We help businesses advertise on radio channels, VOV traffic, VOH, province radio, etc with beautiful time frames; high advertising efficiency.

CWe provide full-package production of audio file including: script, MC, studio, music mixing, etc. with a preferential cost.

News Recruitment

ButVangCorp – 14 Years Journey Of Marketing For Sme Business

“Over the past 14 years of operation, ButVangCorp is proud to be a strong digital media ecosystem in the market, cooperating with hundreds of large clients in many different fields.”

Those are the shares of Mr. Tran Dinh Thanh – CEO of ButVangCorp, an agency with many years of experience in Vietnam. Established in 2008, ButVangCorp is proud to carry out more than 5000 successful projects, with a list of big clients such as: Cargill, BIDV, SHB, Orion, Willmar CLV, Gas South, Friendship Food, Bibica, University Bank, Ngoc Thien Bao, Kim Oanh Group, CNG Vietnam, DIC, Son Nero, Van Xuan Real Estate, Rinnai, Sen Group, Hai Ha Confectionery, Rang Dong, Mattress King, Vifon Pho, VPBank, FPT Long Chau, …

Let’s explore ButVangCorp’s journey of building and developing through the sharing of Mr. Tran Dinh Thanh in the article below.

Mr. Tran Dinh Thanh – CEO ButVangCorp
Mr. Tran Dinh Thanh – CEO ButVangCorp

What motivation led you to found ButVangCorp?

Coming from a passion for art and a lover of flexible, creative work, being able to move, and meet many people. This passion also led me to decide to establish ButVangCorp. ButVangCorp provides clients with sharp marketing weapons and effective communication strategies to help businesses increase sales and build sustainable brands.

What difficulties did you encounter during the development of ButVangCorp? How did you overcome those obstacles?

During the initial period of operation, ButVangCorp faced many challenges when it did not have a strong finance, as well as the trust of big clients. But with inherent experience, efforts, a desire to learn, and a willingness to change, catch up with trends, ButVangCorp is constantly improving, striving to develop, and creating good values for businesses.

“We may stumble and fall but shall rise again.” It is how ButVangCorp and its staff “grow up” every day, keep up refreshing and cultivating, perfecting themselves to meet the increasing expectations of clients.

The staff is getting better and better every day.
The staff is getting better and better every day.

03 important values that you always keep and develop during 14 years of building the company?

For me, the 03 most important values that help the company grow and be trusted by many clients are prestige, focus on human development, and the attitude of working with a heart.

Reputation is a factor that determines the success or failure of a business. With Vietnam’s advertising market developing dynamically at present, customers have many choices of agencies. The competitive advantages now do not stop at creativity, efficiency but based on credibility, client’s satisfaction at the highest level.

Focusing on human development, ButVangCorp prioritizes building a professional, “bloody” team, ready to bring the highest quality of service for clients. To us, assigning people is assigning work, assigning work is assigning responsibility, creating conditions for each individual to develop independent working skills, self-control, always having the spirit of learning and self-training.

The third value is the attitude of working with the heart. Making a difference with efforts from the heart, ButVangCorp always puts itself as a partner, working and developing with customers, offering the right solution, the most effective, flexible and cost optimization. for each client’s needs.

The staff is inspired by enthusiastic leaders and led by a team of experienced mentors
The staff is inspired by enthusiastic leaders and led by a team of experienced mentors

What is your point of view on people management at ButVangCorp?

An agency’s most valuable resource is its people. We focus on building an In-house team to help businesses master their products. ButVangCorp focuses on developing and training skills for each employee. Inspired by passionate leaders and led by a team of experienced mentors, each ButVangCorp employee has a fighting spirit, a passion for creativity, and is ready to serve the most demanding customers.

The staff has a fighting spirit, a passion for creativity, and is ready to serve customers.
The staff has a fighting spirit, a passion for creativity, and is ready to serve customers.

What communication services is ButVangCorp providing?

Currently, ButVangCorp is known to customers for its SME Marketing services. These services include: General Marketing, Digital Marketing, Real Estate Marketing, Production House, TVC Production, Corporate Film Production, Brand Identity.

Formerly a Production House, ButVangCorp possesses professional video and image production experience, besides we provide media publication production services and consulting solutions, multi-channel advertising planning for clients.

What is the company’s greatest strength?

Possessing a strong media ecosystem in the market, along with a prestigious relationship with media agencies, ButVangCorp helps clients spread brand awareness through advertising media, from online to offline. We always take the project goal as the center, ensure cost optimization, outstanding quality, and communicate the right message to the right audience. Most customers have chosen to accompany ButVangCorp for long-term development, always maintaining a relationship from close to intimate.

Development orientation in the period of 2023 – 2027 of ButVangCorp.

Transforming from 14 years of establishment and development with the available human team, we make development plans based on 03 criteria:

  • Keep up refreshing yourself, updating, and changing to match the trend of digital transformation.
  • Vision in 2023 – 2027: We strive to develop and spread the brand, so that when it comes to communication solutions for small and medium businesses, customers immediately think of ButVangCorp. Customer’s success is our success.
ButVangCorp celebrates ours 14th birthday at Amathanh farm.
ButVangCorp celebrates ours 14th birthday at Amathanh farm.

Thanks for your sharing.


Prestige And Effective Full-Stack Communication Solutions

ButVangCorp – BVAD Agency is an advertising agency with more than 14 years of experience, a pioneer in providing a comprehensive package of communication solutions and optimal synchronization services for businesses.

“Creativity for Success”

Full-stack marketing solution
Full-stack marketing solution

BVAD Agency is proud to bring a sustainable value system to thousands of brands. We are committed to creating comprehensive communication strategies, optimizing revenue and costs. With many years of experience, knowledgeable about the market. We know how to make a difference for businesses to break through the market.


agency giải pháp marketing tổng thể

Total marketing solution agency
Total marketing solution agency


“More than 14 years of efforts for the success of the business”

Total marketing solution
Total marketing solution


Step 1: Research the market, market share, competitors of the brand
Step 2: Research the brand: business philosophy, mission, brand vision, brand positioning, business culture of the organization organization, core values, competitiveness…
Step 3: Build a SWOT Model of the brand and its direct competitors. Build Brand scan, also known as “brand image chart”
Step 4: Select a strategic development model for each product/service line
Step 5: Analyze Marketing Mix: product strategy/strategy distribution/pricing strategy/communication strategy. Choose a spearhead strategy within the scope/budget allowed.
Step 6: Develop for the overall Marketing communication strategy and implementation plans
Step 7: Budget for the Marketing communication strategy
Step 8: Monitor implementation, monitor, evaluate and summarize


Chose and Give Positive Review of Our Service!

We are creative professionals with many years of experience and breakthrough thinking. Continuous efforts and desire to bring more than two words “Service” . We open up opportunities and build the perfect strategy for your business.

Total communication solution
Total communication solution

See more: Event Image Solution – Organize Professional Events


For advice on total communication solutions Professional, Prestige, Quality

bvad giải giáp truyền thông tổng thể


4k Quality Flycam Photography

Flycam  is a device used to fly overhead that can both record movies and take comprehensive photos at wide angles that normal camcorders can’t do, unique scene effects, image quality can The maximum output from the device is 6K – that’s the best picture quality available today.

In addition, ButVangCorp also provides Event Photography Service, which  is an activity to record important moments of organizations, businesses and individuals. It has the nature of promoting the image of the business widely, quickly and effectively to the customers of the business who come to the service of 4K QUALITY FLYCAM CAMERA

The actual event filming service is full of the main points and highlights of an event. At the same time we create effective marketing effects when building brand image for the company.

Refer to the event film project: Here

quay phim chụp hình flycam

quay phim chụp hình flycam

quay phim chụp hình flycam

quay phim chụp hình flycam

Benefits of Filming & Photography:

  • Promote images and brands at businesses, companies and individuals.
  • Bringing unique and impressive new perspectives by Flycam video and photography service
  • Spread the value of the brand to customers/partners
  • Increase the level of awareness, love and trust of customers for products/services

ButVangCorp specializes in providing Photography and Videography Services:

  • Event photography service – Flycam
  • Filming and photographing Flycam Real Estate and construction projects.
  • Filming – taking pictures of year-end events, new years, teambuilding, groundbreaking, founding anniversary…
  • Photography service Flycam events, teambuilding, extracurricular activities.
  • Flycam filming service scenic.
  • Take pictures with Flycam for planning surveys.
















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