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3D Real Estate Environment Filming Service

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3D Real Estate Environment Filming Service

3D environment filming brings maximum effect to project sales. This is always an effective way to impress the public. So what is 3D filming and why should investors choose this means of communication to introduce their projects and brands?

10 years ago, the explosion of graphics technology brought people a big step forward in many fields. The real estate marketing industry should be mentioned. Instead of cumbersome architectural design models, we now fully use 3D technology to showcase the environment of real estate projects. It can be said that the 3D real estate environment filming service has opened a new marketing trend for the real estate industry.

3D Real Estate Environment Filming Service

What is 3D Real Estate Environment Filming?

3D real estate environment filming, also known as architectural animation, is expressed in a diverse and rich way through various types of images such as: overall environment, close-up, and details of the interior and exterior of the project. Based on the 3D environment film, investors and architects can discuss and come up with color and light combination ideas. Changes can be made to detailed designs from the inside to the outside without having to spend any money to destroy anything.

The environment filming process, making 3D films, and compositing techniques can be considered as a complex and high-tech production process. The quality of the final product depends on many factors, including the experience and technical level of the filmmaker, the quality of equipment and software used, as well as the creativity of the filmmaker in presenting the project in the most attractive way.

Why Should Investors Make Real Estate 3D Animated Films?

3D real estate applications help reach potential customers accurately: Detailed images of the project description help you reach your target customers and persuade them to buy.

It is a powerful marketing tool: The purpose of Marketing is to spread the brand closer to customers, find customers and stimulate their purchase needs. Traditional Marketing methods such as billboards, Facebook, Youtube, Zalo are now facing many limitations, and real estate 3D is a powerful marketing tool that automatically leads customers to you.

Saves time and costs: One problem that many investors do not know is that 3D real estate applications save much more costs because the 3D model integrated into the website has long-term value and does not generate maintenance costs. In addition, it also saves time for pick up and guidance to the site, which benefits both parties.

Investors will get bigger projects in the future: When the 3D real estate project is successfully completed and creates a good impression on the public, this is a major factor in increasing the credibility of investors, allowing them to capture more and higher-end projects in the future.

3D Real Estate Film Making Service at ButVangCorp

3D Real Estate Environment Filming Service

ButVangCorp provides comprehensive Real Estate Marketing services. If you use our services, you will receive: Free consultation for organizing any event.

  • A clear and detailed plan for organizing the event from A to Z
  • Creative and attractive ideas and concepts
  • Appropriate script and MC for each event
  • Organization and monitoring of the event’s progress
  • Optimal cost management

The 3D real estate film making service is always an effective way to convey the project message, and customers can best perceive all features of the apartment, condominium, clearly and realistically.
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